Best Grilled Salmon

1 large side of salmon, 5-6 lbs with skin on one side, skin side down.

Season with Lemon-Pepper to taste

Sprinkle with chopped fresh Dill

Cover with Brown Sugar, ¼ to 3/8 inch thick and pat firm

Sprinkle with Worcestershire Sauce evenly covering sugar.

Let stand for 45 minutes to 1 hour.


Have grill ready at 300 – 350 degrees

Place Salmon on grill, skin side down, do not flip

Use remaining sauce from brown sugar and Worcestershire to baste.  Cook until fish is done to taste.  Use a fork to gently separate to determine Medium rare or medium.


Fish will retain moisture if not overcooked


One response to “Best Grilled Salmon

  1. This recipe has been used for family meals and get together MANY times! The last time was for a 4th pool party and even NON-fish eaters were asking for the recipe on this one. It originated from Duffy (thanks Dude – you rock!) and Tim has pretty much perfected it!

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