Border Dogs

  • 1 can 6 Crescent Rolls, “Big & Flaky” (make sure you get the “Big” ones)
  • 6 Ball Park Franks
  • 6 large cut pieces of bacon (maple flavored are really good with this)
  • 6 squares of American Cheese

First precook the bacon to the point of done but still limp and let cool just enough to handle.  Wrap the hot dog with a slice of cheese, then wrap a strip of bacon around the cheese wrapped hot dog.  Unroll your crescentrolls andwrap around the bacon, cheese wrapped hot dog.  Repeat 5 more times with the rest of the ingredients and place each on a cookie sheet in a 350 degrees oven for abut 13-17 minutes (use the directions on your crescent roll container for cooking time).  Remove from oven once done to a golden brown and let cool for just a minute before serving.  Kids LOVE these – that is kids of all ages around my house.  And we love to eat them with a side of ranch dressing for dipping.  You could use mustard, ketchup or just eat them plain – it’s all good!

Mini Border Dogs

The above recipe could very easily be scaled down to the cocktail weeny size or little Smokey’s for appetizers on game day or any kind of get together for that matter.  Have them pre-made and wrapped in foil and set on top of a warm grill at a tail gate.  Make them easy to grab and munch by serving each with a toothpick.


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