Quick & Easy Key Lime Pie

  • 1 3oz box sugar free lime-flavor jello
  • 1/4 cup boiling water 2-6oz containers key lime pie flavored light yogurt
  • 1 8oz fat free Cool Whip, thawed in refrigerator
  • 1 prepared 9″ reduced fat graham cracker pie crust

In large heat resistant bowl, dissolve gelatin in boiling water.  Stir in yogurt with wire whisk.  Fold in Cool Whip with a wooden spoon.  Transfer to crust and refrigerate two hours or overnight.

This is a low calorie, flavorful, YUMMY pie and is super easy to through together ahead of time.  Just by taste, you’d never know it’s also a Weight Watchers recipe and when cut into 8 serving slice, is listed as 3 points per serving.

This recipe can also be made into different flavors depending on the flavor of jello and yogurt you choose to use.  Just stick to low-fat or fat free and you can get creative and enjoy eating your dessert all at the same time.


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