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Please sign into my guest book for future updates and news releases on upcoming events (time & money saving tips) and or new recipes.

Just type in the big white box below, your first name and email address and what you might be looking for and then click on “Submit Comment”.  I’ll send you whatever I can find. 

FYI, for your protection, post are only published after I view them, so I WILL NOT publish, share, sell, trade or give away any personal information INCLUDING your email address ( I hate spam!!! ).

Consider this your personal invitation to my home for some “home-cookin'”! 😉


7 responses to “Guest Book

  1. Yahoo displayed your blog when I looked for a specific keyword, that’s why I ended up here. Anyway, you have a great article, it’s worth reading and worthy of my time.

  2. thanks for this insight. I would have been surprised if this weren?t your position. But the manner in which you described it was to the say the least, ambiguous.

  3. GF home baking at it’s best! I loved the chickpea bread as a sandwich bread – it had a “bland” taste and it didn’t fall apart at all. I slice and wrap each piece in plastic wrap and then freeze them in a ziploc freezer bag. I also loved the Farmhouse bread. I made the batter and then baked it in English muffin pans to use as hamburger rolls – yum!

  4. Incredible! Your article has a lot viewers. How did you get all of these viewers to see your article I’m jealous! I’m still studying all about posting articles on the internet. I’m going to click on more articles on your website to get a better idea how to attract more people. Thanks!

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